Other Clubs

One of the many benefits of Rotary Club membership is the luxury of being able to travel the world and never miss a weekly meeting. Club members are welcome and encouraged to visit clubs while traveling to make-up the meeting missed back home.

But Rotarians often ask what options exist if there is not a club in the area of travel, or if the member is home but an emergency causes him or her to miss a meeting.

One option is to attend a regular meeting of a local Rotaract or Interact club, Rotary Community Corps, or Rotary Fellowship. According to Article VIII, Section 1a of the Standard Rotary Club Constitution, attending one of these meetings counts as a make-up.

Another option is to spend 30 minutes participating in an interactive activity on a Rotary e-club Web site. Rotary International has approved the request of 27 clubs to form with virtual or electronic locations. A visit to one of these e-clubs may satisfy a club member's make-up requirement. Please check with your club secretary and the e-club of interest to see if this online visit counts. Also read "E-clubs forge new path for Rotary", a Web-exclusive feature story about Rotary e-clubs and their members.

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