“Rotary has given me the opportunity to serve in so many ways, and through that service, Rotary has given me an opportunity to experience a certain sense of fulfillment that comes with helping others.”

- Scott Rossi

“I was first intrigued by the James Atkins scholarships, and still enjoy working to raise money for our many scholarships, and meeting the students who use them. But what REALLY makes me want to be a Rotarian is the feeling that WE ARE working for world peace - an effort shared by so many people, so many ways, one smile at a time.”

- Connie Carpenter

“Upon joining Rotary, I knew one Rotarian. My main interest at the time was FELLOWSHIP. Twenty years later and hundreds of service projects later, I have stayed to SERVE - both the community and the world. Along the way I have made Rotary friends all over the world.”

- Charlie Hatch

“Rotary is a fellowship of professional workers who share the common interest of bettering themselves through continuing education (rotary meetings) and want to make a difference in our community through volunteer or other efforts. Rotary gives me a nice break in the week to realize what the community and world around me is doing, and plugs me into numerous community service opportunities that I can choose to participate or pass on.”

- Eric Loots

“I joined Rotary for several reasons. Mainly: 1) It's a great bunch of folks and great fellowship 2) Rotary offers lots of scholarships, locally, nationally and internationally, and I have a high interest in investing in our future leaders 3) Rotary is a major player in providing community service projects.”

- B. J. Copeland

“From my first Rotary meeting, I enjoyed the idea of weekly meetings and meals with business people of Cary who were interested in making our community better. Then I met a Rotary Exchange Team from Tasmania (Australia), and the Rotary mission of international understanding became clear. After 30 years, I still enjoy the weekly fellowship, the community projects, the scholarships, and the international projects.”

- Jerry Letchworth

“The Mission of the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International is to improve health, support education and alleviate poverty. It is one of the largest educational and humanitarian charities in the world and over $100 million a year is spent on humanitarian (50%), educational (20%) and polio eradication (30%) programs. Along with our church and a couple of other charities, Rotary is an important charity for my family. We respect the comradely of Rotarians who believe as we do that we can make a difference in this world.”

- Bill Lefes

“My family heritage was one of giving back to the community. My dad was the least selfish man I’ve ever known. When I was asked to join Rotary 26 years ago, I saw this as the ideal way to honor my father and serve my community at the same time.” - Larry Smith